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Whitewater Falls

Getting There:

  • Highway 281 South from US 64 near Lake Toxaway, NC
  • HWY 107 South from Cashiers.  Follow signs as this route will cover a quick switchback that leads to the parking area.


Whitewater Falls is a most spectacular site. Cascading over 400 feet it is the highest waterfall in North Carolina. If you are in the area, or love waterfalls you can't beat the scenery. The park is maintained by the National Forestry Service which charges a $2 usage fee that is well worth the price of admission. (Save your receipt stub for same day entry to Dry Falls if you are heading further west on US 64) This photo was taken in the late spring when water levels were high. The fall season displays great surrounding foliage as well! At the end of a 1/2 mile trail to the first viewing area, construction has been  completed on a staircase which leads down to a most spectacular view.