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Sports Activities in NC


  1. Golf--Pinehurst is the Golf Capitol of the US--sorry Florida!  WE know the PGA moved the golf Hall of Fame a few years back but if that makes you feel better, then that's just fine.  Back to back US Opens at newly redesigned Pinehurst #2 just can't be beat.

  2. Basketball---Tobacco Road is the legendary hotbed of hoops for the area.  Someday a pro team will resurface in the Queen City...(Yeah, we know that UNC has a few illegitimate banners coming down soon, but you still can't beat the traditional rivalry amongst the Big 4)

  3. Football--NFL's Panthers have enjoyed many years of success, and a few that were forgettable.  Nonetheless, it's a fun time.   Then there's tailgating...the art of partying before and after the game just so we don't have to fight traffic!  Cam Newton has a new crop of receivers for 2014, so watch out for the Cats!
  4. Nascar--the roots of Nascar writhe throughout the hills and countryside but the modern day foundation is located in Mooresville where numerous race teams have their shops where they conduct year round testing, building and development. 

  5. Fishing--NC Coast hosts the Blue Rock Tournament each year where prize money can reach into 6 figures for the largest bill fish!  Western NC hatcheries and Wildlife Resources stock trout for some of the best fresh water fishing anywhere.
  6. Boating--NC has some great lakes for boating....but have you been down east along the Intra Coastal??
  7. Hiking--Appalachian Trail and many more...
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******Purposely left blank for you to fill in on your own!!! so get busy...



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