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Soco Falls


Stone Mtn Falls

Getting There From:

  • Blue Ridge Parkway take NC Hwy 19 towards Cherokee.  You will see a sign for the pull-off on the left hand side approximately a mile and a half down the twisting road.  Be careful as you will have a blind corner at the point where you will be approaching the turn-out in order to park your vehicle.


Soco Falls is a beautiful waterfall where two separate branches meet to a final 40 or 50 foot drop.  The area has recently been developed for easier viewing access including a fabulous wooden deck. 

Unfortunately, Soco Falls is a subject that doesn't really present itself well in a photograph, but it is a very accessible trail that we recommend to everyone.   Can't wait to retake this photo in addition to Woodfin Falls located about 5-10 miles down the parkway between Highway 19 and NC 23/74 that is not visible from the Parkway when foliage is present.

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