Talk about isolation....


depending on where you live, half the fun of Ocracoke is the the journey you'll take to get there!!  However, once you do, feel free to lounge with the locals.  All 770 of them, according to the Ocracoke Guide.  Visit them online for more details. 

Obviously, by now you may have heard that Dr. Beach voted Ocracoke as the #1 beach in America.  Most likely for what you'll soon find for yourself once you take the journey yourself.  Mostly known for its pristine condition the white sand is soft and inviting.  I'm getting relaxed just recollecting.  It's just something about getting as far away from home but still being home that does it perhaps.  Whether you are surf fishing, 4 wheeling, or just chillin' out, this is the place to be seen or not be seen!!

In addition to the Atlantic ocean, the quaint fishing village offers a walking tour with plenty of sites to see.  Restaurants, shops, hotels and waterfront, Ocracoke has enough to make you want to stay longer, come again or simply never leave!

The National Park Service administers a Visitors Center as the majority of the land is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  Enjoy your tax dollars at work here folks.  History abounds as well as you will quickly learn the islands heritage.  In addition to the oldest and smallest working lighthouse in the US, you can visit the Ocracoke Preservation Society and Museum, visit the historic marker of Fort Ocracoke, a British Cemetery commemorating the lives of WWII British submarine soldiers (would they be Navy mid-shipmen??), Blackbeard's stomping grounds at Springer's Point, Nature trails and a Wild Pony Pen.

Coordinate your trip by contacting1-800-BY FERRY for schedule and routes. Also check NC state roadmaps, distributed free by the state at most welcome centers.  or

The lighthouse on Ocracoke island was built in 1823 and is the shortest and oldest, continuously serving light in North Carolina. Ocracoke island is reachable by ferry.  Reservations are recommended for travel to the island of Ocracoke and ferry space is limited. (P.S....Remember to feed the birds from the back of the boat only!)